At Muntada Aid we believe that health is central to human happiness and well-being. A healthy population is able to make an important contribution to the economic progress of its community and country. Healthy populations live longer, and are more productive.

Currently there are over 1.2 billion people in the world who are living in extreme poverty. This means that they have less than one US dollar a day to live on. People who live in poverty are more likely to suffer from ill health, as they are forced to live in environments without adequate shelter, clean water or proper sanitation.

Muntada Aid recognises the link between poor health and poverty, so our health projects aim to save lives and uplift people out of extreme poverty.

Muntada Aid works to help people of all ages to ensure that they have the best health possible. By  working to improve the health of children, we are helping their families and their communities for future generations. Enabling a child to be healthy ensures that they can achieve their potential at school and develop their cognitive skills to enter adulthood in good health, with the ability to provide for their family and communities.

Muntada Aid’s flagship health programme, the Little Hearts project, has saved the lives of over 600 children who suffered from congenital heart defects and would have had a shortened life had they not received a life-saving operation from Muntada Aid’s team of volunteer medical professionals.

With a woman dying from complications in childbirth every minute, Muntada Aid thinks that it is unacceptable that 529,000 women are dying from maternal mortality each year. We believe that the mother is an important pillar in a family and without her it forces many families further into poverty. Because of this, we have a Maternal Mortality programme.

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