Thousands of people have been killed and tortured as fears of sectarian genocide continues in the Central African Republic (CAR) About a million people in the CAR – 20% of the population – have fled their homes during years of communal violence. As the security situation continues to deteriorate, a new sectarian rivalry has started to take hold, heading toward a humanitarian disaster. Since the start of the conflict all those affected that have fled their homes are packed into overcrowded camps with poor sanitation. Mass migration, killings and torture have gripped the country.

In all cases of conflict, it is the most vulnerable in society that are caught in the middle. Women and children who have to face the prospects of the realities such as the displacement and becoming refugees in other countries. Consequently there will be an ongoing need for shelter, food, and clean drinking water to be provided to affected people.

Muntada Aid has launched a campaign to support the refugees of Central African Republic who are in four camps in Chad. We are currently focusing on family food pack distributions, water wells and shelter through our Chad partner office. As well as this we our conducting a needs assessment and establishing all the other ways we can help those who are in need.

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