Since 1986 Muntada Aid and its parent organisation have reach out and helped thousands of people in underdeveloped countries. As the need has grown, so has our field offices. However, as this wasn’t sustainable, and we feared a dilemma of dependency, we decided to take a more strategic approach to our work – with sustainability at the centre of what we do.
The solution was to empower our offices to be more independent. Our field offices are now partners who are locally staffed with their own identity, delivering vital services.
A success story, as they now stand on their own two feet, but we haven’t abandoned them.
Through our capacity building programme;

  1. We continue to develop our partner offices to be more efficient and effective
  2.  Share knowledge and expertise through training
  3. Reach out to more NGOs and civil society organisations to benefit from our programme

Through this we believe that the solutions to the many problems faced by communities can be found by the affected taking the lead.

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