21st May 2017





Muntada Aid launches Stand With Them campaign for Ramadan


UK-based international relief and development agency Muntada Aid launched its 2017 Ramadan campaign at the auditorium of Arab British Chamber of Commerce in London, on Saturday 20th May.


Speaking at the event, Hamid Azad, CEO of Muntada Aid, explained why this Ramadan Muntada Aid is aiming to raise more money than in previous years to help those in need. Explaining the compelling context of the campaign he said, “An unprecedented 65.3 million people around the world have been forced from their home. One in nine people in the world do not have enough to eat – this year 9 million people will die of hunger.”


Speaking about his recent visit to Ethiopia, Mr Azad continued; “A few days ago, I had the opportunity to see the appalling conditions of poverty and drought that affected people in Kenya and Ethiopia. I saw with my own eyes the horrible effects of poverty and injustice on peoples’ lives. I saw how a 90 year old women was living in an 8” by 6” bamboo hut with her 6 children. I saw how children are getting their education under the shade of a tree. I saw how hunger gradually killing thousands of children.


“In this heart breaking context we are going to celebrate the launch of the Ramadan Campaign 2017. And I use the word celebrate because every year Muslims around the world look forward to the arrival of the special month of Ramadan. It is a month of happiness and great joy in which Muslims are spiritually energised and committed to become better humans by being compassionate towards their fellow beings especially the destitute who suffer from hunger, injustice, homelessness and helplessness.


“At Muntada Aid, we have the opportunity to celebrate this month at a large scale as it has always united us with many individuals and organisations in our humble effort to free the world from hunger, poverty, disease, malnutrition and various forms of injustices.


“This Ramadan, our campaign is focused to stand with disadvantaged communities worldwide to give them freedom from poverty, hunger and diseases, just like we are privileged to live in a free welfare society and have to access to health, education and many other essential facilities. As the world encounters many humanitarian challenges especially in the conflict and war zones, our Ramadan campaign aspires to motivate people to act against the existence of poverty and hunger in communities both in the UK and the developing countries.


“It is my modest request to you to be a part of our ‘’Stand with Them’’ campaign this Ramadan to create welfare societies where vulnerable people do not have basic human rights.”


Other speakers at the event included Mr Abdul Hakeem Montague, one of the charity’s founding Trustees, Imam Wasim Kempson, Muntada Aid’s Fundraising and Marketing Manager Mr Tariq Shaekh and volunteers’ representative Abdul Mussabir Ahmed. Imam Wasim emphasised about the importance of charity and said that volunteering for a charity is one of the very high value acts of Ibadan in Islam. Speaking about his experiences with Muntada Aid, Imam Wasim Kempson said; “Muntada Aid has some outstanding programmes which are not only life saving but also highly impactful in the community.”