Today (Tuesday 20th June), on World Refugee Day, we are supporting the legal challenge to the 2016 Dubs Amendment to increase the number of children that the UK will allow to seek asylum. Muntada Aid is urging an immediate U-turn on this decision on humanitarian ground.
Hamid Azad; CEO at Muntada Aid said; “ This year World Refugee Day falls within the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the month of love, mercy, and compassion. In this special day and time; I would like to urge all to be compassionate to millions of refugees around the world. In a world where manmade disasters such as war and violence forces thousands of families to flee for their lives each day. This is the time to prove that the global communities stands with refugees, a big number of whom are children and elderly people”.
Mr Azad added; “As we observe World Refugee Day, it is a great shame that the UK Government have only allowed 350 refugee children into our country to rebuild their lives, when more than 95,000 refugee children are alone in Europe at risk of poverty, violence and sexual exploitation. The Government gave the reason of Councils not having enough room to accommodate more children, yet we know that 1600 local councils have come forward to say that they have the capacity.”
“Through our psychological rehabilitation programme, “Broken Mind” we see the horrific affects the Syrian Civil War has had on hundreds of thousands of children. I have witnessed children wanting to die, unable to communicate or see – just through the trauma of war. We are at great risk of losing an entire generation of children to this brutal and ongoing conflict.”
“The UK needs to share its responsibility in caring for these children. What has happened is deeply shameful and deplorable. Action is needed to ensure that these children have a future. A future where they are able to smile again and look forward positively”.