Muntada Aid’s award-winning Little Hearts Project  is this week in Dar es Salaam and was visited by the deputy British high commissioner to Tanzania, Matt Sutherland. Mr Sutherland visited patients and the Muntada Aid team to learn more about  the Little Hearts Project and why it is so vital.

Muntada Aid brings together a volunteer medical team from across the world to perform life saving operations on babies and children who were born with heart defects.

Khalid Kamal Alhroub, the Little Hearts Project’s Head Nurse Cardiac Surgery ICU said; “This is the second time we have brought a team to Tanzania. A few of us arrive a couple days before the rest of the team to screen and schedule in patients. In the UK, the healthcare is very advanced but in Africa it isn’t and it lacks the infrastructure and trained staff.”

The Little Hearts Project has saved the lives of hundreds of children who suffered from congenital heart defects and would have had a shortened life if they have not received the vital operation.
Kabir Miah, Project Manager for the Little Hearts Project said; “Already this week we have seen and operated on dozens of babies and young children who all needed life-saving heart operations. Its wonderful to see how within just a few days their health improves and they, along with their families, leave the hospital after their treatment looking forward to a full and active life.”

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