Time To Make A Difference Now

Volunteering with Muntada Aid means to be the backbone of the organisation. Our volunteers are our support and our drive to get closer to our Vision of creating a future free from poverty and injustices.

We all have the super powers to make the world a better place. Spare some time to help those in need. Not only will you join a team of forward thinking people, but you will also develop your powers to help you go further in life.

2 Mins to Spare?

Support and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share our work so others can get involved.

Half an Hour

Learn all about our campaigns and take lead in organising your own activities and presentations to your networks.


Become a fundraising volunteer by sparing only a few hours and organising a small event to raise funds and awareness.


Become part of Muntada Aid and develop your skills to help us with our mission of alleviating poverty.